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A professional carpet cleaning company is the only company that you should ever have clean your carpets. Obviously, you should vacuum regularly and clean anything that does fall on the carpet. But instead of purchasing a cheap carpet cleaner from Walmart, you should hire always professional. Doing it yourself, or hiring a noncertified professional can cause some serious issues and cost much more in the end.


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Water Damage is one of the leading causes of foundational issues in a home. It can affect the core of what holds the house together. Water Damage is also expensive to restore. With the snow thawing and spring rains coming, you will want to make sure that you take these extra steps to prevent water damage to your home. Here are the three most important strategies that you can take to prevent water from entering your home.


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Water damage in your home is a major issue. It doesn’t matter where the water came from, you never want uncontrolled water in your home. Water damage can cost thousands of dollars to clean-up and has many long-term effects on your home.


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Fire damage can be a terrible experience. A fire will often destroy or damage some of our most valued positions. The damage caused by the fire is also hard to clean. But there are some simple actions you can take to help with the restoration process. Here are our things to do, and things not to do.


The Dos

Here are the first things you should do if you have a fire in your home or business.


  • Do contact a restoration company immediately. You should also talk to your insurance agent to start the claim process. A professional fire damage restoration company has better equipment and they know how to completely reverse the effects of a fire.
  • Do turn off utilities, this includes water, gas lines, electricity, etc. You want to prevent any possible danger from a broken line. Let the professional check all of the utilities to ensure safety before turning them back on.
  • Do check your appliances, while the utilities are off, you should empty your freezer and refrigerator. This prevents the food from growing mold. If a refrigerator or freezer isn’t plugged in, then you should always leave the doors open. If it is cold outside, then it is a good idea to also drain any appliances that have water since without heat they could cause pipes to burst.
  • Do remove pets. The soot and smoke can be especially harmful to your pets and they can’t take steps to protect their breathing. So remove them from the area.
  • Do secure your home. This is especially important if you won’t be able to live in the home.


The Don’ts

While it may seem tempting to clean as much as possible, there are some things that you should avoid doing.

  • Don’t use the AC, furnace, or electronics. Wait before using any of these, since they could potentially cause more damage.
  • Don’t clean clothing or the walls. Let a professional examine your clothing and the walls since it may require professional cleaning to make them usable. Especially walls, as there can be much more damage then immediately reaches the eye.
  • Don’t eat leftover food. You should never consume anything that was in a house during a fire. In a house fire, many things burn that can release contaminants that can be toxic if consumed.
  • Don’t clean the powder released by a fire extinguisher. It is a better idea to let a professional fire damage company deal with this. They are able to safely clean and restore the damage.


You need to be careful not to cause more damage. If you are in doubt, wait for the professional. Also never reenter a home that has experienced a fire until the fire department has cleared it. There can be a significant amount of danger when entering a burned home. To find out more information visit our Fire Damage page.

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Pipes bursting because of cold temperatures is a common occurrence. It may be surprising to most people if they knew how common burst pipes are. Steamatic specializes in cleaning up the damage caused by a burst pipe.If you have a frozen pipe, but they aren’t actually broken, then here is what you can do to thaw the pipes and prevent a burst.

  • Locate the pipe. If you aren’t sure where it is, turn on all the faucets in your home and if there isn’t water coming out of one or it is just a trickle, then it is probably frozen.
  • Once you find the frozen pipe, keep the faucet open and keep both the cold and hot handles all the way open. Once the pipe starts to thaw, you want the water to be able to flow.
  • When you thaw a pipe you should also begin near the faucet and work away from it. If you start lower down, it could cause the pressure to start building and could cause it to burst.

Thawing exposed pipes

  • There are multiple ways to thaw a frozen pipe. One of these is using a hair dryer, but be careful that it doesn’t come into contact with any water. Follow the safety instructions on the hairdryer.
  • Possibly a safer option is to soak towels in hot water and then wrap them around the frozen pipes. This will take a much longer, but is safe.
  • Using electric heat tape is also effective. You apply it directly to the pipe and it can be left on the pipe and turned on and off when needed.


Thawing enclosed pipes – these are pipes that you can’t get to directly, such as in a floor or inside a wall.

  • Turn up the heat in your home and if the pipes are in an area that is heated then this should eventually thaw them.
  • Use an infrared lamp in front of the area that has the frozen pipes. This would be most effective if the pipe is within a wall. Be careful if you do use a lamp, you would hate to have a frozen pipe and then start a fire in your home.
  • If you just can’t get a pipe to thaw, then you may have to cut out the drywall. Once you do this you can then thaw the pipe normally.


Always be extremely careful when trying to thaw pipes on your own. Many fires are started by people using a heat source in their home. You also need to be careful that a thawing pipe doesn’t burst. If it does and water is pumped into your home, you should call Steamatic immediately. We can take care of the problem and restore any damage done and prevent further spreading of the issue. Calling a plumber to thaw a pipe could be a smart decision.